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Jo-Eb's Quest Trilogy

Jo-Ebs Quest Book 1 Ima

Jo-Eb's Quest

Jo-Eb's Quest: Book 2 - The Olive Branch Image

Jo-eb's Quest II: The Olive Branch

Jo-Eb's Quest: Book 3 - The Crooke Trail Image

Jo-Eb's Quest III - The Crooked Trail

Mind's  Darkest Corners Series

Mind's Darkest Corners Book 1 Image

Mind's Darkest Corners

Other Works

Alex In Search Of Wings Image

Alex In Search Of Wings

Necrosis Image


Nicholas and Veronica A Love Story

Nicholas And Veronica: A Love Story

Mind's Darkest Corners Book 2

Mind's Darkest Corners II


Mind's Darkest Corners III

Between Two Worlds Image

Between Two Worlds

Virginia Kay: A Life Of Wonder Image

Virginia Kay: A Life Of Wonder

The Chronicles of Grusel

Chronicles of Grusel

The ost Treasures Of Ireland Imag

Lost Treasures of Ireland

Partios Prid

Patriots Pride

The Adventures Of Sneezy, Queazy And Wheezy

Adventures Of Sneazy, Queazy and Weazy 

The Winds and Words of War  remake.png

The Winds and Words of War:  The Offended